Project: A book inspired that discusses Social Anxiety in a children's book format. A couple years ago, I watched a video that compared jellybeans to day of our lives, and it put into perspective how short our lives are, and how little time we have to really do the things we love doing. I've argued with my own personal Social Anxiety for years, and let it win a few battles that prevented me from really engaging in the things in life that I wanted to do most. Through the use of letterpressed text and illustrations, I created this book entitled "28,385" in a children's book styled manner to discuss how we have to stop listening to the voice of Social Anxiety because the average life is only 28,385 days (some less, some more), and we can't waste the days we want to spend trying new experiences, making art and music, or exploring the world by being nervous, upset, or anxious. Always remember that today is a good day for living.
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Letterpress.​​​​​​​
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