Project: Broadside Poster, type as image, 3 color runs, ed. 1/18.
The first time I ever heard a @ben_rector song was about four years ago. I've always found that no matter what stage of life I'm at, there's probably a Ben song for it. One thing I've always admired about his music is how humble he remains, and how that attitude pours out through his songs. You can always find ways to connect to music, but there's something about his that has always resonated with me, and really displayed a lot of my own personal feelings.
From his past album, "30,000 Feet" has had a special spot. Most importantly, the last couple lines of the chorus: "I've walked in to harder times, and I've walked out the other side; it seems like you end up getting what you need. Looking down from 30,000 Feet, life's been good to me."
As a whole; overall; the big picture: life presents opportunities, and even though some things seem unnecessary or unexplained, there's always a purpose and we're lucky to get to experience them. "I've been better, I've been worse" and "I've seen a couple places that I never thought I'd see."
Life's been good to me too.
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Letterpress, Acrylic Ink.​​​​​​​
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