Project: The Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida holds a spot very near and dear to my heart; My parents, my sister, and I have all rescued goldens from there. My dear Emmylou, rescue #787, is the absolute best friend I could ever hope for.
The GRRSWF works very hard to rescue goldens from all over the state of Florida, but as well as rescuing goldens from South Korea, where many dogs unfortunately do not get the chance at living a long and fulfilling life due to the dog meat industry. Emmylou was one of the rescues from there.
With this being said, I wanted to find a way to contribute back to them for giving me my very best friend. They had only a social media presence on Facebook, so I decided to help them create a social presence on Instagram. Using a cohesive color palette, a set of approved typefaces, and some good ol'-fashioned doodling, we have been working to building out a brand for the rescue on social media that will help them to reach more people in and outside of the state of Florida.
We are also working to create customized posters for the dogs who have been in foster-care the longest, and that the rescue is pushing to be adopted ASAP :) These will be made to share on Pinterest.
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