Project: "Did you know that one trillion plastic bags get thrown out every year, and less than 1% get recycled? The rest are poisoning out oceans, clogging landfills, and destroying the environment. Choose to reuse a bag you already have. If each person reading this refuses plastic bags, together we can eliminate 310 million plastic bags every year -- which would take 1.5 million gallons of crude oil to produce."
When I first read this from @honeywild, I felt upset! Although I aim to always bring a reusable bag with me to the grocery store, why don't others!?! I decided to create my own line to reusable grocery tote bags -- specific to three categories of food, in order to encourage people to bring bags to the grocery store to cut down on the amount of plastic bags used! Purchase your own here!
Tools: Procreate, Screen-Printing.
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