Project: "Home Is Where the Heart Is" 1/29, 6-layered screen print, hand-lettered & digitally designed, ft. a doily. Two years ago, I hand-lettered a sketch that said, "See you soon, Nashville." I was just about to visit for my first time. The moment I got there, I knew: this is where I am meant to be. Not only did I feel my heart begin to pour out into every inch of the city, but I realized this city was full of all the things that make my heart full, my brain full of ideas, and my creativity run amuck! Each visit back has only made these feelings deeper & stronger; this city has my heart. I based this project idea off of two Valentine's Day cards I saw that talked about what "fills their heart" & decided to fill this heart with all things Tennessee (state animal, state insects, state fruit, etc.) and overlayed my handlettering from last year's sketch (though slightly revised) onto it. The icons are heavily inspired by and illustrated in a similar manner to a Nashville artist I adore named Joanna Dee, whose work I encountered during my first visit there.  I can't wait for when I can call this place home. I'll see you soon, Nashville.
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Acrylic Ink, Handlettering.
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