Project: For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend Michael & I agreed to keep it low-key. It was a “He makes the pizza, I’ll provide the beer, we’ll watch a movie.” And so I thought... why not turn the beer into a fun little personalized gift? 

I really enjoy packaging & product design, and always find myself wanting to redesign labels for wine & beer bottles. So here it is: I introduce to you all the Michael House Drinking Company Spring 2018 Special Edition Release.

Featuring 6 flavors with all illustrated icons by yours truly:

1. The Angry New Yorker (You can take the boy out of New York, but you can’t take the New York out of the boy)

2. The Adventure Seeker (The mountains are calling, and I must go... no really... get me out of Florida)

3. The Pasta-tute (Noodles should always be a part of your daily routini)

4. The Plant Daddy (Ain’t nobody got thyme for that!)

5. The Creative Connoisseur (Creative isn’t the way I like to think; it’s the way I like to live)

6. The Cuddler (Get busy livin’, or get busy cuddlin’)
Tools: Adobe Illustrator.
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