Project: “Pursue Your Purpose” 1/32, 4-layered screen-print, digitally illustrated & digitally lettered. Upon talking out ideas about this project, and trying to figure out what direction @mckenziemo & I wanted to take it, we both agreed on one concept we’re both constantly thinking about: purpose. Our purpose in our daily lives; our purpose for the future; whether or not we’re meeting our purpose by the things we are doing and surrounding ourselves with; etc. Sometimes with adulthood, it feels like you have to ditch your dreams and wild ideas to settle down and become more “serious” and to pursue a lifestyle that’s more “realistic.” But why should you ditch those ideas? Why not still hold onto them and realize your goals and possibilities are always options, as long as you possess the heart and passion for them? When did we decide to let society dictate for us what ideas are considered “childish” or “silly” and deemed “unrealistic” for adulthood? Remember when you were a kid, and anything was possible? There was no limit to what your imagination could come up with, and where your heart and mind could thrive? Dreaming isn’t just for kids; having huge and wild ideas isn’t something to leave behind in childhood. If you don’t like what you’re doing, don’t do it! If you love what you’re doing, do more of it! Follow your passions! Keep a big and open heart! Dream big dreams! Be who you are meant to be, and don’t lose sight of your purpose in this life!
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Acrylic Ink, Handlettering.
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