Project: "Soft-Spoken Messages" / reverse substrate printing on two sheets of plexiglass (regular & frosted), hand-lettered & illustrated. || This piece was created after recent feelings and observations of how people interact with one another, and how they carry themselves daily. I wanted to create pieces that represented "soft-spoken messages" ➡️ To me, these represent things we should know and abide by, but aren't meant to be shouted at you & drilled into you. You should inherit this knowledge; to be the best version of yourself, these should be embedded within you by your day-to-day experience. I illustrated these flowers, and chose to leave my text somewhat soft (contrast to my other artwork) and slightly hidden within the flowers, representing their soft-spoken and delicate nature and message. The quote on the left ("It Takes Guts To Be Gentle & Kind"), from one of my favorite songs by The Smiths; the quote on the right ("Be Honest In What You Make & Who You Are") from my favorite children's book Illustrator & author / biggest source of inspiration, @dallasclayton. I hope these messages serve you well.

Tools: Pencil, Adobe Illustrator, Acrylic Ink.
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