Project: "Cause everybody I know, everybody I know is growing old, is growing old too quickly." 
"Twenty-Somethings" 1/20, tritone, 5-layered screen-print.
I guess I've been sort of struggling lately with my own purpose in life, and making sure I'm not losing sight of my goals just because I feel "comfortable" or "safe." I'm an extremely anxious person, and a huge portion of my anxiety holds hands with the doubt & uncertainty of knowing if I'm reaching my potential with where I'm at and what I'm doing. When Judah & The Lion released 'Suit & Jacket' a few weeks ago, I listened to it on repeat for hours, crying nearly every time. A song that so accurately described my fears of losing my ambition, my desire, and my passions with the strain of growing older and entering "adulthood." Thank you all for putting my thoughts to words in a song.
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Acrylic Ink, Handlettering.
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